"Danny lives in a ratty apartment in Phoenix, Arizona with his roommate Peter. He and Peter buy marijuana to do recreationaly, but when their dealer frantically stashes a new drug called “99” with them, they decide to secretly take it and discover it brings the creatures of their bizarre hallucinations to life: permanently.” 

More concept work from my “Danny Gomez Does Drugs on the Weekends” story idea. Here we have the main characters and their respective hallucinations:

Danny (left) and Valentine (right) who embodies his willful free spirit towards life and stress in order to escape from anxiety and being an adult, and a bit of the personality of his deceased sister Maria.

Peter (left) and Solomon (right) who embodies all the passive aggressiveness and self-loathing he’s built up working his office cubicle sales job for the past 4 years. 

Patricia (front) and Sweetwater (behind) who embodies all the the childhood indulgences Patricia never got to experience when she was forced to grow up fast and have too many responsibilities (yes her stomach is a ball pit). 

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